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About Us

We work closely with our global clients to driveinnovation and digitaltransformation.

With over 20 years of experience, we continue to build the knowledge and expertise to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Founded in 2002, our mission is to provide simple-to-the-point support content and software solutions for complex support situations, primarily in the mobile communications sector.

Having identified a gap in the market, we were rewarded with growth and rapidly working with some of the largest telco operators in the world. It became clear that a common set of rules and procedures was the key to success across our many clients. This became the foundation of our SaaS CX/KMS suite.

Simple solutions to complex problems.

Headquartered in Scandinavia, we strive to use technology to provide an engaging customer experience.

Working at Speedperform

Do you think you have the skills, drive and motivation to join our team? Drop us a note and let's talk...

Teamwork & Skills

We believe in continued learning and development, and that a diverse team creates motivation leading to the best results. We are proud of the solutions we bring to market.

Young Talent Program

Our YTP is aimed at young people eager to learn and make a difference early in their careers. Through a formalised process we align expectations and coaching, to mutually assess the fit with our team.

Tech Advisory Board

Because dreams never sleep

Michaela Crawford

Instrumental in ensuring alignment between the future of online learning and our SP Training tool.

HR Tools

Thor Christoffersen Hochman

Remains our go-to wizard for real business value by integrating AI into our product suite.

Artificial Intelligence

Jonas Hecksher

Our visual perception is shaped by the inspiration to drive the best CX, Jonas and e-Types.

Visual Identity

Board of Directors

Founded spring 2002, C-level management and board are rooted in proficiency and expertise.

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